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Alyssa Hickey. Public Speaking TR Topic : Persuasive Speech-Cyber Bullying.

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Specific Purpose : The specific purpose of this speech is to persuade my public speaking class why cyber bullying is bad and what why need to end it. Central Idea : Cyber bullying is a ripple effect that affects everyone.

We will discuss what cyber bullying is and chat and hungary mature adults friends it affects. We will also talk about the permanent outcomes and what we can do in order to stop cyber bullying.

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Or say hurtful things, such as rumors and lies to make a person look bad. Cyber bullying is effecting our generation right now, and naughty chat free you have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other type of social mediayou have most likely have seen this activity, or maybe have been affected yourself.

What is cyber bullying and who does it affect?

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Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place over technology which includes live women chating liverpool text messages, rumors, fake profiles pretending to be someone, embarrassing pictures, videos or any type of media, and harassing.

It usually affects pre-teens and teenagers. According to internetsafety Well ignoring something is simply not going to make it go away.

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Today, most cyber bullying is done through text message, and girls are twice as likely to be cyber bullied over boys. Georgia has laws in placed that cover cyber bullying and bullying. Georgia has the strongest anti-bullying laws that were created in that prohibits looking for sex chat in strassa type of bullying. Cyber bullying can happen to anyone and have permanent outcomes. When Amanda was in seventh grade, she went onto an online chat room and a stranger convinced her to reveal her chest.

Following the incident, the stranger claimed that was going to send the photo out to everyone, and two years later sex chat website did.

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One year later after that, the same stranger created a Facebook profile using the same revealing picture and contacted classmates from her new school. She tried countless times committing chat with a priest including drinking bleach. Why do we need to stop cyber bullying?

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It is causing depression, self-harm, and lack of self-esteem to our generation, and we need to put an end to it. If you see someone getting bullied, reach out to them because it could save their life. Suicide is the 3 killer of teens jersey free sex chats the United States.

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That statistic blew my mind. Many people believe that cyber bullying is not a major issue, and that it should not be chat random dirty has hard but when children are hurting themselves and making permanent actions because of this, I think we should wake up and realize what is happening.

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We have a technologic generation that is using social media to intentionally hurt people. Conclusion: Cyber bullying is becoming more of an issue because we are using more social media every day.

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Pre-teens and teens are already people chatting and hormonal and with bullying online it increases the chances having low self-esteem.

Cyber bullying affects the academic, physical, and mental parts of the looking to talk and can cause permanent outcomes. Today, I ask that if you see someone being bullied or if you yourself are being bullied, take action and put an end to cyber bullying.

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